Pierpaolo Garibaldi
Pierpaolo Garibaldi has a degree in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Pisa. He worked for ENI (the Italian Gas and Oil Company) for 35 years, specializing in energy and environmental research and innovation. As an expert and on behalf of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, he has taken part in various International Commissions for the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Previous works: Come eravamo – I racconti del Borgo (The way we were – Tales from Borgo – 2009), Fantasmi (Ghosts – 2009), Il Signore non aveva previsto la ci-o-due (The Lord had not foreseen Cee-O-Two – 2009), Ogni tanto mi giro indietro (Sometimes I turn around – 2012), Liliana (2014), La stirpe di Shisong (The line of Shisong – 2017), Centonove quadri scritti a mano (One hundred and nine paintings written by hand – 2020).

Complimenti! Ottimo lavoro. Grazie Pierpaolo Garibaldi

Pierpaolo Garibaldi