ODE TO CADUCITY - Confessions of an astonished lower middle-class person
di Willy Lieberman
ISBN: 978-88-9375-431-6
Formato: Rilegato
Genere: Aforismi
Anno: 2017 - Mese: ottobre
Pagine: 74

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Dr. L., so we call the unnamed character of this story, is an esteemed professional who at the age of about sixty finds a simple and true, carnal and sensual world. From the condition of by-stander of others’ life for years, he becomes a leading man who acts for himself. This transformation is owing to four women, Augusta a wonderful bourgeois blue-eyed female, Natalie a little green-eyed proletarian Venus, Anny a young beautiful girl with almond-shaped eyes and Lisa a middle aged black-eyed insignificant woman, who have nothing to do with each other. Four women, each one with different characteristics, who are either harm or balm for Dr. L.’s life

Lieberman writes an ode to the joy and transiency of life, which is nothing but a joke of bad taste taken too seriously.

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